We are getting ready to launch all new MADE IN LA styles coming to the site soon with all of your previous favorites as well as new designs. This is why our inventory is low at the moment but stay tuned for the new launch!

Made In LA

Exciting news! BEETxBEET is making the switch to manufacture our apparel products 100% in Los Angeles, CA! This means getting rid of all existing inventory to make room for the new Made In LA products. 

Defund The Police: People's Budget LA

Care not cops. People might think this is a radical idea but ultimately, it means re-funding social services. In communities of color police don't make their communities safe, in fact, they create more oppression and violence. These communities are asking for help that will strengthen and create safe environments for the community.


Dear BEETxBEET community, Social justice has been an important part of BEETxBEET’s ethos since it began and remai...

BxB Sessions: 90's Jams

If you love the 90's then you'll love this playlist. There's so much good music from the 90's but this selection will...

3 Dance Aerobics Workouts You Must Try!

You’ve probably been trying some home workouts you can do to keep active and not feel like a total couch potato lately. Doing dance aerobics classes during the quarantine has brought back memories of me in my 20’s having “living room dance parties” with my friends and tons of alcohol having so much fun not caring about anything.

BxB Sessions: Chill

Good news! I created a Spotify channel for your listening pleasure! It's something I have been wanting to do for a while now. I love discovering new music and being able to share it. I will be releasing playlists once a month. 

Make WFH Easier With These 6 Tips:

There’s some distance between us these days with our world turned upside down from CV19. It’s hard to get motivated or keep the same structure and routine’s you had before. All of the sudden you don’t know what day it is and at 6pm on Monday you’re still in your jammies. Oopsie.   Take it from me, a WFH veteran, I’m no stranger to the distractions and comfort that come with working at home. It takes a bit of time to adjust but I’m confident you’ll have more productive days with these helpful tips:

F/W 2019 Lookbook

BEETxBEET's new Fall/Winter collection features fleece sweaters, long sleeves, beanies and more. Shot in beautiful Griffith Park, California.     

Simple Vegan Frittata Using JUST Egg

Simple hack to make a quick and easy vegan Frittata. Pro tips included.

Vegan Options At JFK International Airport

Traveling through JFK International Airport? I've made a quick guide for how to find vegan options at Terminal 7 in JFK Airport. Hope this is helpful for you or anyone you know looking for something to eat at the 6th busiest airport in the United States.

Vegan Options At Dodger Stadium

I have lived in L.A. for 6 years now and have never been to one Dodger Game! I'm not really a sports fan but I figured it would be fun and I heard there were some recently added vegan options so that peaked my interest. My girlfriend and her co-workers got us tickets so we headed out on a hot summer night to Echo Park. 

Top 5 Vegan Comfort Food Fixes In Portland

Portland is one of my all time favorite cities to visit. The main reason is all of the epic vegan food they have to offer. With too many amazing restaurants to name, I chose to select a handful of my favorite to highlight some comfort food classics. These are definitely spots you don’t want to miss when visiting.
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